Episode 5 - Danger Dean

It's time again for another episode of Hit My Music. This week, my guest is from my neck of the woods. Danger Dean grew up in Colorado, and started his wrestling career here. He recently moved to Washington State, and has been starting to make his name there as well, in addition to occasionally returning to the Denver area to compete.
In addition to being a professional wrestler, Danger Dean has a career as a radio personality. He spent a lot of years working for 98.9 FM in Colorado Springs, so I thought he would be a fun guest to have on to talk about music, both in and out of wrestling. And I wasn't wrong.
This was a very fun conversation, and we talk about everything from ICP to the golden oldies. We talk about how radio led to his entry into professional wrestling, and how excited he was for his first match to be for a championship. His entrance themes have run a bit of a gamut that leads from Powerman 5000 to Kenny Loggins (sort of), and we even hear some stock music, and there's a very special appearance by a dream guest of this show...or, his guitar, at least.
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